It Is Never Too Late To Make A Change In Your Life

Are you depressed every Sunday evening because you know that in the morning you have to get up and start your work week with a job you absolutely despise? Is there a career out there you have thought about pursuing more than once in your life? Do you think you are too old to make a career change? Or are you just unable to find and keep a job?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then read on. Having worked in the vocational career training industry for over eighteen years, I have watched thousands of people change their lives by going to vocational school to train for a career in a high growth demand occupation. Vocational training is usually short term- maybe six months or less and focuses only on learning the skills necessary for employment in that career. Many vocational courses are offered online, making class schedules extremely flexible. Low price financing, financial aid (if applicable), and government funding programs may also assist with the cost of the training. Most vocational schools offer job placement assistance. If an externship has been provided at the end of the training, it can very well lead to a job as that potential employer has had a chance to see how the student actually performs on the job.

I have seen firsthand many displaced workers get retrained with government funding into new careers in the medical field. Most are very anxious about becoming students again. I tell them to complete their assignments, take good lecture notes, and allow for study time. They usually stop by my office after the first test to tell me they got an “A” and they are so happy and motivated to continue on with their courses.  Many feel that they are too old and that no one will hire them. I tell them that they come in with great transferable skills, experience, and work ethics, that many employers greatly appreciate and look for.

It really is never too late to change your life. Find a career that brings you joy. Every excuse you have can be overcome or worked around if you honestly try hard enough. Act now so in six months you will be close to or even perhaps have already accomplished your goal.

Kim Esquerre, CEO – HealthStaff Training Institute





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